Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pray for the Prairies...

Just to let you all know, I haven't abandoned my blog! My city, Weyburn, SK. has experienced some major flooding, including sewage backup in most peoples basements. A boil water advisory and limited water usage, including difficulties cooking have impacted all of our daily lives. Our Mayor has declared that Weyburn is in a state of emergency. Please pray for Southeast Saskatchewan as we try to deal with all of the issues that are happening here. 
In my last post I mentioned that I have been so busy working out my schedule with my new job that it has not left me a lot of time to do fun projects. With the amount of rain that we have experienced and the pressure it has put on our basement, I'm not sure when I will be able to find the time! We are supposed to experience even more rain today, Monday and Tuesday adding up to 30mm! It's such a headache!

Here are some pictures that were taken of a main intersection in town. You can see that a hotel is surrounded by water. It's just devastating.

And another...

So for now, when things get back to normal... are things ever normal? I'm sure you get what I mean...! I will start posting again with lots of fun posts! I promise! Thanks for your patience & love. 


  1. Prayers are coming your way. That is devastating! I had not heard about that. There have been so many floods lately. I hope things dry up soon. Take care.

  2. Hi Katie.

    So, your basement is flooded? This days I'm so happy just to live in an appartement and we had only a leaking window. I'm praying lots and hope it will not get worse!!! It's sometimes hard to belive, but God is in control!!!

  3. Hi Katie, Prayers are still coming your way. Hope things are OK. Would love to see you back in blogland but I'm thinking things must not be back to "normal". Take care.

  4. Katie, Prayers are still coming from Florida...Take care.