Sunday, 1 May 2011

More Mason Jar Ideas

This weekend I took some time away from blogging and went to a huge garage sale fundraiser. At this garage sale I found boxes and boxes of old-school mason jars with the glass caps and metal lids. I bought 30 + Jars of all different sizes for something like $3.00. So now I've got a ton of jars to do all the things I want to do with them! I'm so excited! This weekend was spent mostly spring cleaning, however it was less like spring and more like winter here in SK. Of course I found the time to cruise a few blogs to bring you these lovelies...

These little gems are from A Pumpkin and A Princess. Easy little colour upgrade to your decor!

This is a Ballard's inspired jar from Momma Go Round. Again, So Easy!

An easy way to colour your glass jars from Sugar Baby Boutique

Short and Sweet this Sunday evening! Hope you all have had a great weekend!

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