Friday, 29 April 2011

Bird Houses

Who doesn't love bird houses? I think that they are so springy and sweet. I've seen some decorative bird houses all over blogs and in Pottery Barn Catalogues. To make my point stronger about bird houses, I've added so images from Pottery Barn
Courtesy of Pottery Barn
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

These are all super cute right? But totally out of my price range. Most of these products range somewhere around $100 + USD!  So my thoughts... Crafty girls can make their own! So here is my imitation bird house. All materials were bought from the dollar store! Even the paint!

Here is the breakdown:
3 Wood Bird Houses $2.00 each @ Dollarama = $6.00
3 Candle Holders $2.00 each @ Dollarama = $6.00
Acrylic Paint - $0.00 - had on hand
Birds - bought from Michaels' a while back around $2.00 each

Total Project cost $12.00!

My $12.00 version vs. Pottery Barn version--> I'd choose mine in a heartbeat!

For this project all I did was paint the wooden bird house antique white. I gave it a distressed look using tan and brown acrylic paint. The candle holders I painted the same antique white and gave it a distressed look using a little sky blue and tan acrylic paint. I haven't even glued the candle holders to the bird houses yet. I feel they need something still!

What do you think? I love comments!!!!

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  1. They look fantastic! I'd choose yours over Pottery Barn as well. Love the paint technique!

  2. adorable... bought some chalkboard paint today! Just need this weather to smarten up so I do my project!