Thursday, 28 April 2011

Meet Daisy! And all projects Dachshund related...

Y'all know my family has a pet, DAISY! It's a good thing she is pretty, because she doesn't have very good doggie manners! Daisy is a Dachshund and is the love and light of my whole family. I'm serious! Her day home is at my mom's house and when my mom has to go to work (Mom is a nurse, works 12 hour shifts), Daisy goes to her vacation home, my Oma & Opa's house (German for Gram & Gramps). Daisy loves lots of attention, cuddles and love. So you can only imagine when I saw this tutorial on how to make a doggie bookshelf, I immediately thought of Daisy...

Dachshund Bookshelf by Rachelle at Adventures in Creating
Check this out! Absolutely adorable... By Rachelle @
For the full tutorial on how to make this little cutie you can click HERE

Dachshund Necklace by Taidyeoriginal
Another Dachshund inspired project comes from taidyeoriginal. Look at this super cute necklace she put together. Isn't this adorable?

 Elsie the little Dog from

Isn't this a cute project to make for a small child, or even just to keep for yourself!
Click HERE for a tutorial on how to complete the project!

Photo Album Dedicated to our girl, Daisy...

Sometimes we do silly things to Daisy, like put her in my mom's curio cabinet - she didn't mind!!
I wear my sunglasses at night...
At Christmas in her Mrs. Clause outfit

Daisy and my sister, Kaela having a nap!

And she loves to get all dressed up for a night out with the girls!

Thanks for stoppin' by hope you all check out the tutorial on Adventures in Creating and Taidyeoriginal and

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  1. hahaha daisy is a celebrity for sure!