Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cork Boards - Wine Corks - Wine - Pelee Island - And More...

As some of you know, my family has a cottage located at the southernmost point of Canada, Pelee Island. Pelee is home to a fantastic Winery - Pelee Island Winery! Throughout University, I spent most of my summers living on the Island as working at a local tavern, The Westview. Living in such close proximity to winery, allowed me to visit and enjoy the winery often! Please check out their website and all of the fabulous wines they have to offer.

Obviously, I accumulated an abundance of wine corks in my summers on Pelee with the intention of making a cork board. I ended up moving to Saskatchewan and losing my wine corks, but I always had the intention of wanting to complete this project. Finally I did it! However, I had to purchase a bag of corks from a local brew supplier in my town. So my project didn't have the same nostalgia as the one I had envisioned, using the Pelee Winery Corks, but same idea!
This picture of myself at Pelee Island Winery on Pelee Island. I love the vino!!

Pelee Island, Home of AMAZING SUNSETS!

Lake Erie Beach and our back yard

The cottage (back view)

The screened in porch

And inside

And the kitchen

Don't mind the mess, a Spring Cleaning was taking place!
For rental inquiries and to book your trip to Pelee Island, please visit 77 Sunrise Beach for rates and availabilities. Rental season April - November. To Learn more about Pelee Island, please visit
Note: Transportation to and from the Island requires a ferry. You can book a sailing for your car or bike on the ferry. It's always best to check availability with the ferry service before making a reservation. You can check out sailing availability at Owen Sound Transportation.

Sorry I had to plug Pelee Island because it is my home away from home and it was such an amazing place to spend my summers.

So back to what we are really here for, my cork board inspiration....

Here are some pictures that helped me to envision my project. There are some beauties out there!

A bath mat?

Monogramed Cork Board

So much to do!!

Perhaps this could be great hostess gift...?

And now for my very own cork board... drum roll please!

First, I should tell you about the cost of this project:
-Frame $1.00 from Salvation Army Thrift Store
-Corks $12.00 for 100 long corks from Big Jim's
-Spray paint - $0.00 - had on hand
-Glue gun  & glue- $0.00 - had on hand
Total cost = $13.00!

You can design your cork board in any pattern you would like. I would make a few recommendations:
-Organize your corks before you begin to glue them, make sure they will fit and you like the design
-I used a glue gun, but I would recommend using something like Gorilla Glue to secure it
-If you are saving corks, I would recommend that you would need about 90 long corks to complete, so you might have to start drinking!!!
-Have fun with it!

This is our "command station" where we keep our junk and organize ourselves daily. It's a work in process. We moved here in January and there is always so much to do. Finding your keys in the morning is a MUST. This little corner is perfect for staying organized!

Did you notice my Button push pins? Super easy to make! I found a couple buttons in my stash and used my glue gun to secure a tack to the back. So cute, best part - it cost me zero dollars to make!

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  1. Love this :)
    I am renting your cottage and was looking for pictures of it (I can't find them anywhere!!) I will remedy this of course after I stay there end of August first week of september I will travelocity the heck out of the place!!! Again ... glad to find the pics AND a cool thing to do with all the corks I keep lol...