Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Upcycled Mirror

Thrift shopping is one of my favorite past times.  I'm always looking for some treasure that I can make beautiful. So when shopping at a second shop a while ago, I picked up this:
This is actually a mirror. I've taped the mirror right before I decided to give it a paint job!

I decided to paint it aqua blue with spray paint. I figured it needed some colour since the wall I would be putting it on is white. I wanted it to have some pop...
After a couple coats of spray paint

And after the tape was removed it looked like this:

One of the reasons why I wanted this mirror in the first place was to put over top of dresser where I keep my jewellery.  And so here it is all hung up on the wall.

Do you like the blue? Or should it be a different colour? Should I rough it up a bit? What are your thoughts?

Project Price Breakdown:
Mirror - $6.00
+ Spray Paint - $5.95
Total Project Cost $11.95

I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!


  1. Cute, personally I think I would rough it up a bit, just because of the old look of the mirror. But it is cute as is too!

  2. Love, love the color!! I have an obsession with thrift mirrors....I currently have 3 need a little attention... :S. Yikes! Haha.

  3. I love the style and the color. If it were me, I'd probably put some stain on it to age it up a bit just to tie into the dark furniture before and so it won't look quite so "new" since it is an older piece anyway. If you decide to keep it like this, it's still pretty too.

  4. Yep, I think I'm going to age it - give it some more character! Thanks for the comments!