Saturday, 21 May 2011

Monogramed Art

I've seen a couple of these monogramed art frames floating around blog land lately, 
so I thought I would try.

I had all of the supplies at home. The frame was already painted from a previous project 
I did and then took it apart later.

I spray painted the letter "M" the same colour as the frame.

Then I tried to find a coordinating material to match the letter and the frame.
So I put this together...

I used fabric - but you could very well use card stock or paper for you backdrop

One thing I would suggest is ironing your fabric before placing it in the frame. 
I didn't and learned this the hard way...

I glued the fabric onto the backing before realizing the creases, oh well!

Cute, but next time I would like to use bold colours! Another day!



  1. I like it! Cute idea, I think I will try something similar too.

  2. I love this! I might have to try this as well...except I'll learn from you and iron first ;)

  3. great little personal accessory! Thanks for linkin' up to WWWW! and I never would've noticed the creases if you hadn't mentioned it! haha!