Monday, 16 May 2011

Jute wrapped Pears & a Cloche

A while ago I purchased a cloche at second hand shop. It's not a real cloche, my observation is that it was once a clock. I had to fix it up a little to make it pretty. This is how it turned out

And this is the before/original picture:
The ugly plastic fake brass had to go! I can't say it was the easiest to paint. There are some blotchy spots, I just turn the cloche around so that no one sees the "bad" side! I know you all do the same too...!

Another little project I put together was my table centrepiece. I decided to wrap jute around fake plastic pears that I got from the dollar store. It was so easy and a cheap cute project. The twine balls were from the dollar store and I spray painted those! Here is the result:

I can't say I am totally in love with this. I think the pears need to be own their own. I'll play with it and see what I can some up with. I do have an obsessive habit of tweaking things... nothing ever stays put!

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