Friday, 6 May 2011

Chalk Board Labeled Jars

Sometimes you start a project and just smack your forehead because you forgot to take the "before" picture. This happens to me often, very often. Last weekend, I mentioned I had been to a garage sale fundraiser where I picked up a ton of stuff to upcycle. I found these canister glass jars. At first sight, I had it in my head that I would paint a label using chalk board paint to write what was in the jar. Heaven forbid, you don't want to mix up sugar for salt! So having labeled jars is probably a really good idea. I mean, I would think... I don't do much in the kitchen. My man cooks more than I do! How lucky am I??

So I saw somewhere in blog land that someone had painted labels with chalk board paint rather than painting directly on to the jar. Then when I get bored of it, I can rip of the label! Genius, right? So who ever you are that came up with this idea, please let me know and I will give you credit!

Here are the labels I used, they are actually sticker name tags!

Then I painted them with chalk board paint. I tried to paint inside the lines...!
I gave each of the tags two coats of paint. I let the first coat dry for an hour before painting a second coat. I then let the second coat dry overnight, not that I planned it that way - I got tiered and went to bed! haha

The next day I stuck the labels on to the jar and filled the jar with Oats, Coffee, Sugar, etc. and wrote on each of the painted label.

Here is the final result!

I think I need to work on my picture taking / picture staging... Practice, right? This table was the only space I had to take my pictures. We were baking buns and had the kitchen upside down, and so this is why the pictures are kinda boring!

I really like how this turned out. Now I want to paint everything in chalk board paint. Including a door in my kitchen. I won't get ahead of my self but... I really want to!!

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  1. Isn't chalk paint awesome. I'm your newest follower.

  2. I LOVE this project! I recently bought some canisters and I plan to paint them like this! I came across your blog via Whipperberry and love it! I couldn't help but notice you are at Weyburn, SK! I am originally from the area (Midale) and am currently living in Texas! Small world! I hope you are enjoying the prairies...apart from the massive flooding that has been happening around there! :S Thanks for the great idea! I am now a follower! Erica

  3. I love and appreciate your comments!!

    Erica, I sent an Email to your gmail account

    Lanell, Thank you for following me, it means so much!