Tuesday, 10 May 2011

10 Minute Project for $0.00

 I am forever organizing. I'm alway trying to find things homes.  It's almost borderline obsessive, being organized. I HATE when I find things in the wrong drawers or where they don't belong.

I have a jar to keep spoons, spatulas and tongs in, but they never find their way back there. They get shoved in drawers and shelves. The problem was that this jar was kinda small. This is what it looks like:

It's ok.. kinda boring... sorta cute, but not big enough!

So somewhere in blogland I found a project to do this - Make a utensil jar out of an old coffee canister.  If you are that person, please tell me - I will give you credit.

This is what I came up with, everything I had on hand!

The best part is that hold everything, absolutely every utensil I have in my drawers!

This is how I did it:

I took a used Coffee Canister

I peeled the label off

I was so happy it was smooth under the label! If not I would have put a layer of cardstock down as a base before laying on the fabric.

I used my glue gun to secure the fabric to the canister. I'm sure a spray adhesive would have worked just as well.  Then I used some ribbon as a border around the top and bottom of the canister.

I used my glue gun to secure the ribbon.

Getting closer the completed project!

And with the utensils - it's complete!

Voila... it's complete! No more utensils in my drawer!!

But the best part is that you don't have use old coffee canisters for a utensil jar, you can use them for organizing crafting supplies, pens, markers, kids toys, etc. Just dress them up so them look pretty!


  1. I love using coffee cans for organizing! We have them holding everything from headbands to razors! This is great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooh, great idea! I have oodles of those coffee cannisters and believe that I have finally found a use for one other than just a grease can. : ).. Yay you! Love it.