Sunday, 24 April 2011

GREEK EASTER - Featuring Tsoureki

This morning I went over to my dear friend Maria's house. I wanted to bring her some of my Easter Bunny Poop Treats! So I went over there at 8 am. All of her family was sleeping except for herself and her mother (who is in Saskatchewan visiting from Greece).  Maria gave me some of her lovely Easter Baking! Isn't this beautiful?! 

This sweet bread, called Tsoureki, is an Easter tradition in most Greek homes. The representation of the red egg in the middle represents Jesus' blood who died for us on the cross. As Jesus shared his love for mankind, the Greeks' share their love for each other by offering this bread to friends and family.

Maria and her Mother also made the Greek cookies to the right in the picture above. These cookies are called Koulourakia. These cookies are also a Greek Easter tradition and they go very well dipped in coffee or milk. The loaf of bread to the left is another baked good she made. I haven't had an opportunity to try it yet. I was so full on Koulourakia and Tsoureki earlier today. I think I might try some bread with my lunch!

So you might be wondering, who is Maria and how did I become to know so much (very little) about Greek culture. Maria was born in Greece and moved to Weyburn, Sask. when she was in her twenties. Obviously we share many experiences, with both of us moving here in our younger years and being on our own. Maria is my best friend, but most of all she is a friend that is like a sister when I need her. She is like a mother to me when I need her. She is like an aunt when I need her. And she is a friend when I need a friend! I'm so blessed to have Maria as a friend. Her family has welcomed me with open arms. I am forever grateful to her and the love she and her family has extended to me.

Happy Easter!
And, as the Greeks would say, Xristos Anesti!

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