Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Egg Wreath

Those of you who really know what I'm up to on a regular basis, know that I've been making Easter Egg Wreaths for most of the month of April. I would recommend that you not take on a project like this unless you are patient and have the time and energy to keep going back to your project on a regular basis. Many people start a project and fail to complete it. I was having these feeling too, but I had made such a mess I figured I had to finish the first one.

I had seen many pictures of Easter egg wreath out there in blogland created with those plastic Easter eggs from the dollar store. Other wreaths were made from Styrofoam eggs. Living in Weyburn, I didn't have the luxury to access the Styrofoam (which would be way easier to paint). So I hiked over to Dollarama to purchase shiny bright plastic Easter eggs. Before I show you my eggs, I thought I would show you a picture of the wreath I was imitating.
 This wreath is from I believe this is sold for $55.00 USD. At first I thought this was a little expensive. Until I created my own wreath did I believe that this baby really was worth the money because it was sooooo time consuming.

I'm very happy to share my wreaths with you. But let me tell you about the process... At first I purchased 12 small eggs and 12 medium sized eggs from the dollar store, along with a foam wreath from a floral store in Weyburn (Brady's Flowers). I thought that 24 eggs would be enough to fill the wreath.
First, I spray painted all my eggs Krylon Almond Spray paint. Then I painted all my eggs with acrylic paint. I chose a cute spring color combination. This was probably the longest part. I had to give the plastic eggs several coats to cover the bright colors. Then I speckled the eggs with brown and beige using an old toothbrush!
If you are still following me, in between the painting of eggs I also wrapped my green foam wreath in this cheap straw stuff I found at the dollar store, using my glue gun.
The last part... I started gluing on my eggs to my wreath it was looking so beautiful and suddenly I realized I didn't have enough eggs!!! 24 eggs were not enough?! So there I was off to the dollar store to get more eggs... imagine my disappointment and frustration! So I repeated all the steps I mentioned above and finally finished the wreath! Let's just say this wreath took up most of my weekend! BUT, I was so happy with the result!

Here it is.....
So what do you think? I love the color scheme in this wreath! It's so springy. Easter will be over this weekend but this baby is staying on my door for a while!

After I made this beaut, I thought I would make a second wreath. Yep, I know I'm crazy! This time I decided that I would only spray paint the eggs, since painting them by hand was so time consuming, this would obviously be a better option. My major complaint about the second wreath is the color scheme. I live in small town Saskatchewan. We don't have many options for crafting supplies, unless I want to drive an hour to Regina to get my supplies. So, I wasn't about to waste my time doing that. So I used what I could find. I did speckle the eggs using spray paint too, to give it the natural effect.  After all that work, this is how it turned out.
It's o.k.... but not my most favorite! I was happy with the result of spray painting and how quickly the paint covered the plastic shiny eggs. So if two wreaths was not enough, I made a third using spray paint and a different color scheme. Check it out!

This one is hanging inside my house. I really liked these colors together. All the eggs were spray painted. This time I wrapped jute and twine around the wreath for a shabby look.

This next and last picture is of my little Easter display I put together over the past month. Had I realized that I would be showing you this, I probably would have simplified the vignette. But, this is my real life, so whatever!
Obviously not a professional shot. The lamp on the left looks like it's ready to fall over. As you can see I spray painted extra eggs and displayed them is dollar store hurricane vases. It's not perfect. I'm always tweaking this display, in my opinion it's a little too busy. I just haven't had the time to display it the way I really love it. Time is running out... Easter will be here in less then a couple days.

I hope you have a happy, hoppy Easter with your families!

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