Friday, 10 June 2011

Button Monogramed Art

On the weekend, the time when most of my projects are created - because I have a full-time job - I made this:

A cute button monogramed frame! I got the frame from a garage sale, of course, for .25 cents. Originally it was brown. I sanded it down and spray painted it black.
The inside of the frame is that weird fake wood stuff? Does that make sense? Anyway, I spray painted the inside of the wood base white. And I just realized I have no other pictures of this project to share with y'all because my camera batteries died... shocker! Any way, I printed a letter M in a font I liked from Microsoft Word. I really can't remember the font I chose at the time. I cut out the letter M and traced it onto the inside backing of the frame that I spray painted white. After I traced the M, I coloured it in with a black Sharpie and glued on my black buttons. Pretty easy eh? 
And that's it! Easy! This project only cost me .25 cents! Isn't that great? Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. This is so pretty Katie! Your weekends must be busy lately since you've been posting so many cute projects :-)