Monday, 25 April 2011

Before & After - Chalk Projects


And after...

And now...

Pretty cute eh?

Check out this other project I've been working on...
I painted a strip of chalkboard paint on these galvanized planters I bought at the Dollar Store.

First I taped a rectangle on the planter using Duct tape. I would have used masking tape, but the Duct tape was the first thing I spotted. This part was probably the most difficult. Probably because it's hard to tape a rectangle on a sphere surface.

Anyway, the image to the left this is how my planters looked after being taped and painted. I used two coats of chalkboard paint. I let it set over night.

And again, the final project completed. Now I just have to get growing some herbs for my indoor garden. Lord knows it is hard to trust Saskatchewan weather!

My apologies for picture quality, my camera and I are working out our difficulties. I think I'll have to start using my man's camera from now on!

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  1. love the chalk board idea kate! make me one!!